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Pimp my ride!

Pimp my ride ride benefits Waikato charity

Last updated 11:31, March 8 2016

Do you know of a funky elderly person who could use a “pimped out” mobility scooter?
Now is the chance to get one – all in the name of charity.

Nikki Mayor and her team at Sign Boss have been given a scooter to “pimp” out and raffle off for the True Colours Children’s Health Trust.  True Colours was chosen because Elaine Stanbrook, who donated the scooter, has a medically fragile granddaughter who was helped “tremendously” by the charity.  Molly Stanbrook has Pallid Syncope with Anoxic Reflex Seizures – a rare neurological condition where her heart literally stops when she is exposed to negative stimulus. 

This could be anything from loud noises to sudden movements.  She has a dual epicardial pacemaker in her which keeps her heart beating. She is only five years old.  Because it is such a rare condition, Molly and her mother Chicki Stanbrook did not know where to turn for advice – so they went to True Colours. “Because it is rare there was no community support group. 

Through them we got counselling and medical guidance, and if they didn’t know the answers they would find out,” said Chicki.  Molly has been able to attend musical therapy classes, and has recently started at Hautapu School. “Being able to do the therapy has made Molly really resilient. It’s helped her start school and helped her learn how to listen to her body and keep herself calm,” she said.  

Since the scooter has been at Sign Boss, Nikki has designed and printed stickers to go on it. She said it has been great fun, but her main motivation for doing it is knowing how much Molly benefits from their help.  “But it’s not even about the scooter anymore, it’s about True Colours and they need some money and they need some attention for what they do,” she said.

Nikki will be going around Cambridge during the week to sell the raffle tickets, priced at $2 each or three for $5.  They will also have a stall at the Lions Trash ‘n Treasure Market this Sunday, March 13.   The Cambridge Police will draw the raffle on Tuesday March 15.


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