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Covid-19 in Reflection

Pre Lockdown Level 4

It was with heavy hearts we at Signboss found ourselves in challenging times which seemed to escalate without notice so quickly.

Whilst there were some aspects of our trade we could do from home the manufacture of our products must be done in our shop.   At this pre lockdown point we had fortunately done some continutity planning which saw we had ensured we have plenty of stocks on hand to continue if supply was to become disrupted.

( A great tool / resource to help you with this can be found at )

We implemented  temporary measures to keep ourselves, clients and those vulnerable safer.

- Corresponding by email or phone.

- Any drop offs of vehicles or picking up of product respecting the social distancing 2m rule.

- Site measures, installs and consultations by appointment and respect the social distancing 2m rule.

- No sales representative drop in's or cold calling.

Whilst it had always been within our nature to have a chat and a welcoming atmosphere for all those who came into our shop, we asked customers to only come in if they had a necessity to do so.  

It was a sad day for us when social distancing is required to keep each other safe but it was for the best to hopefully curb the spread of the nasty Covid 19 and keep each other safe.

By this stage however measures were well out of our hands.

Planning for Life as Normal in the near future.

When the Level four lockdown was announced there was an initial feeling of relief for our team.  We had already been limiting our exposure to general public spaces, having meetings, contingency planning, there was an underlying feeling of fear in society that things were normal but at the same time not.  

In retropect there was a general disbelief, at the time of many people, as to what was happening.  As we would drive around you could sense the panic buying whilst at the same time some sat without a care in the world that anyone, anywhere, any minute, could make you sick.  And what was that sickness we weren't even clear on the symptoms?   We had taken our children out of school the Wednesday prior as rumbles of impending shutdown and the seriousness of the situation bore down upon our gut instincts to protect those most important to us.

And here we are now.  Halfway through our lockdown.  I am sure this is the most some of us have slept in years, we have had allot of time to reconnect with those that we often don't have time to contact. We have had time to think about the people we miss we have been unable to see and how much they mean to us.   We have wandered the empty streets for exercise keeping well away from anyone coming in our direction and surely considered how lucky we are to come from NZ our own bubble protected from what is becoming very apparent, a disparity in leadership and objective importance as well as the unique and amazing fortune we have which is the ability to cordon our selves off from the rest of the world to keep safe.

The value and appreciation of how neighbourhoods are coming together to help,  the friendly hardworking people in our community and the mental sacrifice the people actually still at work are making to consistently put themselves out there to keep everyone going.

Yes we could think doom and gloom, yes we could think what are we going to do?  But why?  What will that achieve?  

So what normal life will be around the corner for us in NZ.  I don't think we will know until we come out of lockdown.  Right now eradication of Covid 19 is the focus and business wise, some planning for work around the differing levels of lockdown which is still unknown is where we should be heading.  

What we can hold true to though, is that we are New Zealanders our sprit is and will continue shining through.  Lets keep putting one foot in front of the other in the meantime and support each other.  And rest assured we will be here brainstorming when we come out of this kicking on to forge ahead with you!


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