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Hidden Lake Hotel Project

Hidden lake,  opening in December 2019 our newest and most luxurious hotel located at Lakewood Development, Cambridge.  Sustainability has clearly been a focus in the planning of this remarkable hotel.  Inspired by nature the rooms overlook lake Te Koutu, reflecting the woodland setting with floor to ceiling windows.  With D’Arcy’s Garden restaurant, club lounge and bar named after the growing produce and principles of Uncle D’Arcy, a local organic farming pioneer.

Chris and Glenda approached us at Signboss in 2018 during the building phase of the hotel and a long standing business relationship  was born, as well as what ended up transpiring to be one of the biggest projects we have managed to date.  

With the building plans already set in stone, there were a few hurdles to overcome in order to ensure a good final result.  To measure the job alone site inductions were required on-site adhering to the strict h&s protocols, going to great heights up in an elevated work platform to get an idea of where the brackets needed to be.  

From there we headed back to the office to draft plans to scale, using our measurements from the existing brackets provided by Fosters Construction.  This ensured we maintained the integrity of the existing building.  Concurrently we needed to work alongside local Electrician, Ash Hammond in order to strategize the best manner in which to illuminate the signage.

Once the "nuts and bolts" of the project had been aproved the engineering, steelwork, routercutting, wiring, powdercoating, putting the whole project together and organizing a 26 Tonne crane with a 26 meter boom to install these beasty signs kicked into motion.

Signboss ltd teamed with Hammond Electrical install day, headed up in the crane, the bracket fitted on like a glove and the full install was completed within 5 hours for both sets of signs.

As we sat back at dusk looking at the illuminated results of our handiwork, we couldnt help but feel satisfied at the results and the good experience having generated work for and bought many local businesses and people together in order to name our new Hidden Gem.  

Hidden Lake Hotel Cambridge.


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