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Level 2

This week we have made it to level 2 of our NZ lockdown and there are mixed feelings everywhere it seems. There is a underlying feeling of being somewhat back to normal, now you can use a playground again...  But in saying that driving by the playground, it's almost like you would be judged in some respect if you did.

The supermarket is still a strange place, you don't know if you can loiter in an aisle to make a choice or if, you "have" made a selection you can boost past someone that isn't going to look at you like you are trying to kill them heading to the milk.....

Finally we managed to all squeak in and get haircuts.... amazing what that can do for your inner being which you didn't realise was being starved of freedom, whilst. at the same time having too much of it.

So why am I writing this?  I don't know... I think because in some weird fashion this will be a timestamp in our history as a company to look back on when we get through this.  A captured piece of feeling which will soon pass as we all head into the future.  A moment where, because this lockdown, we realised as a company we needed this website to communicate what we actually do and launched it.

So todays blog is going to be a way of expressing thoughts and relating it to daily life. It is a place to be real and our updated website is a place to express what we actually do. Which for today and everyday is "forge on". 

Thank you Rocketspark for giving us your platform to move ahead as a company.  


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