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Custom Signage Part 1

Sign types sizes and signwriting supplies.

Looking to get signs?  Here we hope to touch on some commonly asked questions when looking at the size, shape, type of signage you may need for your particular project or business.

So firstly, you want to think about the size of sign you may like?  The standard panel we here at Signboss stock is 2440 x 1220 mm.  This can be cut down on site to the following sizes which optimize the use of the panels with the least amount of offcut and wastage and provide best bang for buck.

810 x 1220 mm (A panel divided to three)  600 x 900 mm ( a panel divided into five) or 600 x 400 mm.  Panels do also come at 3000 x 1500 mm as well as 3600 x 1500 mm  however these are usually ordered in for larger customized jobs.

Next you may like to touch on what is my sign going to be made out of?   For short term signage people commonly opt to use Corflute.  This is the signage industry name given to corrugated polypropylene,  plastic and lightweight yet rigid and has medium outdoor longevity.  In general we normally apply a Digitally Laminated print to this product

Longer term signage we recommend ACM also known as Aluminum Composite.  In simple terms this product consists of two aluminum sheets with a thermoplastic core which holds them together.  Being used to clad buildings this a long term durable product suitable for the likes of building fascia's and is lightweight. 
A few more specialty substrates you can opt for which you may like to research are Perspex, Acrylic, or Foamboard which also come in a variety of thicknesses all of which can be Router cut into various shapes and sizes in order to  achieve different effects.   The choices are endless.

To see samples and discuss customizing your signage for your exact needs and further information you can visit us at Signboss Ltd,  23d Albert St, Cambridge.  We are open Mon - Fri and we will be happy to help. 


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