0. Vaccine Passport Card


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Your Vaccine passport card on a PVC plastic material similar to your drivers license. This is made for long term use and for easy accessibility, especially for those who struggle with electronic devices.

We also have a range of accessories/options available:

  • Lanyard
  • Keyring Hole
  • Lanyard w/ pouch great for multiple cards
  • Lanyard w/ clasp to attach your card
  • Stickers - perfect size to attach to the rear of your phone or phone case.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your request to order has been made online, we will contact you to obtain a copy of your Vaccine Pass PDF which is downloadable from: https://mycovidrecord.health.n...

Expiry is noted on your personal card. Upon picking up your card, identification must be shown to match your Vaccine card. Any questions please contact us, we're happy to help.

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