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Bilingual signs for schools!

Did you know the Ministry of Education is encouraging the installation of signs in both English and Maori to encourage people to use Te reo Maori?

The Ministry has a list of bilingual words that are commonly used within schools to help give you an idea of which types of signs you could use at your educational facility of which we have used to create our range of Bilingual Signage NZ.

We can help with Bilingual Signage NZ!

The Government wants to see te reo Māori seen, spoken and heard wherever possible, to continue the revitalisation of the language. To make it easier for schools, we have put a range of bilingual signage nz online. We can create any custom signage if what you are looking for is not currently listed on our website

5YA Funding is available

Funding is also available for Te Reo Maori/English signs from the Ministry of Education.  


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