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Who is Signboss?

Our story

Established by Chris & Nikki in 2015, at the time there was only one predominant sign writer in Cambridge. The company started with long sleepless nights and three young children to tend to - Chris & Nikki knew it could only get better from there. Signboss is now a successful company with the help of our business partners, as well as increased customer base thanks to good testimonials and feedback which were generated by word of mouth. Our focus being on service, the customer experience and repeat business.

We now help new and established companies get their brand out there using a variety of of staffs skills and expertise.

Lets reach those business dreams together

We were stoked to bring home the Excellence in Small Business award at the 2018 Waipa Networks Business Awards and achieve some of our dreams. At the time, we were in the midst of expanding the business to offer branding and website design services to our clients.

You'll work directly with us...

Our Partners

Work directly with us and our trusted and appreciated partners.


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