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Signage Standards and Classifications

School Signage

The Government wants to see te reo Māori seen, spoken and heard wherever possible, to continue the revitalisation of the language. For more information, please click the link below.

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Applies to Regulatory Safety Signs, Hazard Safety Signs and Emergency & Fire Safety Signs.

When choosing the size of the sign required for a specific work environment you must take into consideration the available lighting in the area the sign will be located and the viewing distance between the observer and the sign in that location.

AS/NZS 1319:1994 states the recommended minimum size for a symbolic sign is 15mm per metre of viewing distance. Refer to viewing distance guide designed to help you choose the correct size sign for your environment.

Signs in poor lighting conditions are not easily seen - To improve visibility, it is strongly recommended increasing the size of the sign by 50%.

It is important that safety signs be positioned carefully to maximise their effectiveness. Obviously, safety signs should be positioned in visible spaces, as near as possible to the hazard in question, so long as people still have time to read and interpret the sign before encountering the danger.

Generally, safety reminders can be placed throughout the workplace in common space areas. All signs should be positioned at eye level and should not be placed on movable objects, such as windows and sliding doors.

Finally, employers looking to use safety signage should ensure that the meanings and implications of these signs are taught to all new employees during induction. Workers should also receive regular reminders and refresher lessons on what the safety signs around their workplace mean. 

For more information regarding the safety signs for the occupational environment, you can download the full guidelines here.

Bilingual Signage

For more information, see this guide which is packed full of good tips on how organisations can engage with Māori communities and support te reo Māori to be more visible through signage.


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